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van Hoof A, Wagner EJ (2011) A brief survey of mRNA surveillance. Trends Biochem Sci. in press.

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Meaux S, van Hoof A (2006) Yeast transcripts cleaved by an internal ribozyme provide new insight into the role of the cap and poly(A) tail in translation and mRNA decay. RNA 12:1323-1337. [abstract]/[full text pdf]

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van Hoof A (2005) Conserved functions of yeast genes support the Duplication, Degeneration and Complementation model for gene duplication. Genetics (in press). [abstract]/[full text pdf]/[suplementary material pdf]

Mangus DA, van Hoof A (2003) Making and Breaking the message. Genome Biology 4:346. [abstract]/[full text pdf]

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